The Coffee Will Make You Black
Reading Group's On-line Chat Transcript for Our September Selection

 Blues Dancing: A Novel
(click to buy this book online now)

by Diane McKinney-Whetstone

Format: Hardcover, 320pp.
ISBN: 0688149952
Publisher: Morrow,William & Co
Pub. Date: November 1999

Chat Held
January 3rd 2001
9:00 PM EST

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>> Thumper6488 has joined channel #XC.1141852

The topic is: CYMYB Reading Group

Thumper6488> Type HERE

>> tabonnefee has joined channel #XC.1141852

Thumper6488> Hello ta bonne fee, how are you doing?

[tabonnefee] hey Thumper ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Thumper6488> And a Happy New Year to you as well

[tabonnefee] I'm doing well ... I'm snorkelling right now

[tabonnefee] thank you

[tabonnefee] how are you this cold evening?

Thumper6488> I'm doing fine. It's cold here.

[tabonnefee] you all need to send some snow my way ... I need a snow day

- ...I'm not liking children right about now

Thumper6488> Oh no, you want to be on the islands. There's no snow down

- there.

[tabonnefee] well...that's true too ... but the reality of my situation is

- that I'm in Ohio and I NEED A SNOW DAY!!!

Thumper6488> LOL... You know that old saying, be careful what you wish for,

- you might get it.

[tabonnefee] forget the fact that I just got off a two week break and this

- was my first day back to school ... I'm not liking my job right now

[tabonnefee] shoot ... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

>> cprice2851 has joined channel #XC.1141852

Thumper6488> Hello cprice, how are you doing this evening?

[tabonnefee] good evening cprice

Thumper6488> Shall we go ahead and get started?

Thumper6488> As you probably know, I hated the book.

[tabonnefee] Thump ... did you finish the book?

[cprice2851] excited about this chat room right now:)

Thumper6488> cprice: thanks

[tabonnefee] yessuh

Thumper6488> tabonnefee: no I didn't finish it. It failed the 100 page

- rule.

Thumper6488> Whetstone wasn't about to get anymore of my time.

[tabonnefee] really Thump?... you aren't very good at expressing yourself

Thumper6488> tabonnefee: I am too. but I can get into details if you like.

Thumper6488> cprice: what did you think of the book?

>> SSPEE has joined channel #XC.1141852

[tabonnefee] and as I stated before, I liked it ... but that may have been

- the Jamaican influence

Thumper6488> Hello SSPEE, how are you doing this evening?

Thumper6488> tabonnefee: What did you like about the book?

[cprice2851] So why did you hate the book?:(

>> Melululisha has joined channel #XC.1141852

[tabonnefee] I probably could have taken Liar's Game down there and really

- enjoyed it as well (grin)

Thumper6488> Hello melisha

Thumper6488> tabonnefee: LOL

[tabonnefee] wow .... you're more generous than I am ... mine is more like

- 50 pages

Thumper6488> cprice: I thought that Whetstone was to thick on the

- descriptive of her prose and that it was without rhythm or very lyrical.

[tabonnefee] I finished the book in about 2 days ... it wasn't that bad

[tabonnefee] good evening SSPEE

Thumper6488> tabonnefee: when a person sets aside 10 pages to describe a

- massage, there's a problem.

[tabonnefee] cprice ... what are your thoughts on Blues Dancing?

[SSPEE] Are we discussing Blues Dancing tonight?

Thumper6488> Yes, we are. SMILE

Thumper6488> SSPEE: What did you think of it?

Thumper6488> Well, did Verdi and Johnson hook back up?

[tabonnefee] hey Mell good evening

[tabonnefee] oops...Mel

[SSPEE] Can anyone here me. I think I'm having problems with my connection.

Thumper6488> I couldn't see none of the characters, even though Whetstone

- was long-winded.

TO SSPEE> Hello SSPEE, are you seeing any words or anything in the large

- box?

[cprice2851] I enjoyed the getting to know the characters. The people lives

- were believable. It seems most of us have a person in our lives that was bad

- for us. We ended the relationship and wondered what would have happened

[SSPEE] Oh finally. Good evening tabonnefee

[tabonnefee] I hadn't read any other Whetstone books so I didn;t walk into

- it with any expectations ... I thought it was a good story

Thumper6488> What was good about it, though?

[tabonnefee] I had a clear picture of who Rowe was and I didn't like him

- from the maybe that lothing kept my attention

[SSPEE] I'm doing great Thumper. How are you?

Thumper6488> SSPEE: I'm doing fine

[cprice2851] This story let those two people meet again and they did not

- walk away into the sunset. There was even a twist at the end.

Thumper6488> cprice: Really?

[tabonnefee] I liked the way we found out about the characters and their

- development through flashbacks

[Melululisha] hi everyone

Thumper6488> OK, here's a question, why are women so easily mislead, why did

- Verdi take her first hit of the drugs?

[cprice2851] Hey are we going to hear from the author of this book?

[Melululisha] its about time this thing started working

[tabonnefee] although for that same reason I didn't like the ending

[Melululisha] did yall have trouble getting in?

Thumper6488> Yes, we did.

[Melululisha] oops?

[tabonnefee] SSPEE ... yes we're discussing Blues Dancing

[tabonnefee] well... we're TRYING to discuss Blues Dancing

Thumper6488> cprice: No, the author was not schedule to appear for this

- chat. And for once I'm glad.

[Melululisha] I can hear u

[tabonnefee] SSPEE ... we see you loud and clear

[Melululisha] I had problems with mine too

Thumper6488> OK, I see you all are trying to avoid my earlier question about

- why Verdi took her first hit of drugs.

[tabonnefee] I feel you on that Thump ... I guess I just liked Verdi's

- innocence ... saw her as someone I'd like to know

Thumper6488> Really? What little I saw of Verdi, I wasn't impressed.

- What's the pleasure of being a doormat?

[tabonnefee] lol Thump ... you know you're wrong!

Thumper6488> And I don't trust anybody that is that damn gulible. It gets

- on my nerves.

Thumper6488> For real though.

Thumper6488> She let Johnson make her addict.

Thumper6488> Rowe made her a prisoner

[tabonnefee] good evening SSPEE

Thumper6488> Why like anybody like that.

At this point, the network disconnected all of the participants.


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>> Thumper6488 has joined channel #XC.1141852

The topic is: CYMYB Reading Group

[Melululisha] did u get kicked out?

Thumper6488> yes, I did!!

[cprice2851] Yeah I got kicked out hard

Thumper6488> I've been trying to get back on for the past 6 or 7 minutes

[Melululisha] well thump u deserved it

Thumper6488> No, I didn't.

[cprice2851] You think Whetstone did that for your dis

Thumper6488> Melisha: did you even read the book.

[Melululisha] lol

[Melululisha] don't start with me thump

Thumper6488> cprice: I didn't dis her, she dissed me.

[cprice2851] Explain yourself Thump and drop the prose

Thumper6488> cprice: I thought she was to wordy.

Thumper6488> I got to about page 90 and was wondering what was the point.

Thumper6488> And for those 90 pages, I got about three scenes.

Thumper6488> I felt like shouting to her, will you hurry the hell up and get

- to the point!

[cprice2851] Early in school we learn to skim pages, can you just do that

- for the adjectives you don't want to read and finish the story.

Thumper6488> cprice: but if I have to do that, whats the point of reading

- the book.

[cprice2851] Hey this is my first time here. I see you are easy to pick at.

- Are we going to hear from the Whetstone or not?

Thumper6488> cprice: why pay that much money for a book to skim pages?

Thumper6488> cprice: I'm glad to see that you dropped in on us, I do hope

- you come again

Thumper6488> no, Whetstone will not be here. I didn't ask her to come.

Thumper6488> cprice: so are you saying that you skimmed some of the pages?


[cprice2851] Okay, okay I see your point. But sometimes at the start of a

- book writers do talk a lot. You the consumer can still get a good story

- quite often, if you are patient.

Thumper6488> cprice: this is true. I've done it plenty of times.

Thumper6488> cprice: but shouldn't there be something worthwhile about the

- book that would make you want to

Thumper6488> tough it out? Should you want to finish it and not because you

- know you just wasted your money buying a book

Thumper6488> that you don't like.

[cprice2851] Okay, so you dumped the book because of too many

- adjectives.......or did you dump the book because the adjectives did not

- make you want to know the characters. characters


Thumper6488> cprice: am I right or am I wrong?

Thumper6488> cprice: I didn't dump the book because there were too many

- adjectives at all.

[cprice2851] You are RIGHT. Happy??? But now you don't know how the story

- turned out or if you would have liked the book had you just finished it.

Thumper6488> cprice: I keep telling people I'm right all the time and they

- don't listen to me. I'm so glad somebody recognizes it.

Thumper6488> LOL

Thumper6488> Now, that's the problem with this book. I really don't care

- how it turned out. It never generated that kind of interest in me.

Thumper6488> cprice: What's the redeeming factor in this book? What is in

- it that is so amazing that I should change my mind and give it another shot.

Thumper6488> If you tell me, I might reconsider.

[cprice2851] Yeah, I can see your need for being right. But I understand,

- sometimes what we've been exposed to in life determines our interestes

Thumper6488> cprice: I have no great interest in always being right. That

- would be awfully boring. And I'm not a boring least I don't

- think so.

Thumper6488> cprice: can we agree to disagree on this one? *big smile*

[Melululisha] cprice are u new here?

[cprice2851] Well, I read the book two or more months ago. I remember the

- climax being a meeting between the old lovers and I remember a couple of

- secrets coming out at the end that were worth the reading.

[Melululisha] I asked because I felt the same way bout thump when I first

- came here

Thumper6488> cprice: OK, that's cool.

[cprice2851] Yes I am new to the live chat, but I have written on the

- discussion board a few times with the name cathy

[Melululisha] oh yeah

[Melululisha] thump has a way of making new folks mad

Thumper6488> Do I?

[cprice2851] Thump has to be someones big brother.

[Melululisha] yes indeed

[Melululisha] I was highly upset after that richard wright discussion

[Melululisha] had to go do breathing exercises

[Melululisha] to calm down

Thumper6488> I'm not sure I like that. And I'm about 4 or 5 people big

- brother in real life

Thumper6488> cprice: You're not saying that you're upset with me are you?


Thumper6488> Melisha: That's because you were wrong and knew it. LOL

[cprice2851] Big brothers are always right and have to pick until they get a

- rise out of you. I have a first sergent just like him.

[Melululisha] lol

Thumper6488> cprice: I bet he's not as cute as I am?

[Melululisha] oh lawd

[Melululisha] I bet he can cook tho unlike some folks

[Melululisha] i won't say names

Thumper6488> cprice: I'm charming and can cook like a house on fire.

- Unlike some folk, who will remain nameless.

[Melululisha] lol

[Melululisha] yeah cause the house will be on fire when some folks cook

[Melululisha] I won't name names

Thumper6488> OK, let's go ahead and put this horse out of its misery. The


Thumper6488> cprice: will you come back next month?

[cprice2851] Have you read it yet.

[Melululisha] u mean captain blackman

Thumper6488> Melisha: check the reading list on your way out dear.

[Melululisha] I'm gonna go back and check the board

[Melululisha] okay

Thumper6488> cprice: I haven't read it yet. will you be joining us?

[cprice2851] Good night, hear from you next month. Yeah

[Melululisha] good night all

Thumper6488> good night. I apologize for the network.