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Reading Group's On-line Chat Transcript for Our December Selection

Seraph on the Suwanee by Zora Neale Hurston
This Discussion Occured January 5th 2000 9:00 PM EST

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>> aalbc has joined channel #XC.1141852
The topic is: CYMYB Reading Group
aalbc> My Brothers
[Thumper6488] Good evening Troy. How are you doing?
aalbc> Carey fancy meeting you here
aalbc> Whats up Thump
[Thumper6488] Nothing much.
>> jdbaxter has joined channel #XC.1141852
[Thumper6488] Carey is on his way out. He should be back later
aalbc> Hi JDB
[Thumper6488] Hello Jdbaxter. How are you doing this evening?
[jdbaxter] i am doing fine, thank you
[Thumper6488] jdbaxter: So, what did you think of Seraph On The Suwanee
aalbc> CHAT ROOM NOTE: Be sure to click the Float button on the upper right hand side and maximize the resulting window
[Thumper6488] Thanks Troy
[jdbaxter] i thought it was interesting that ms. hurston writes about white family life.
aalbc> From most account this book was considered a departure for Hurston
[Thumper6488] I often wondered if she and other AA authors that did that was trying to prove something to their white publsihers?
aalbc> perhaps to "cross over" for more readers?
[Thumper6488] Yeah
[jdbaxter] i am hesitating in responding because i couldn't find my notes and i returned the book to the library so i am trying to talk off the top of my
- head---bare with me
[Thumper6488] jdbaxter: don't worry about it. It's cool.
aalbc> Hurston was criticised for her use of black speech,
[jdbaxter] it was interesting to me that she named the family meserve which to me depicted the attitude that the men had about the women.
[Thumper6488] I can never understandt hat criticism
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[jdbaxter] hi tabonnefee
aalbc> I think she did a good job with the white dislogue -- I'd forgotten how people used to talk using those grand analogies
[Thumper6488] Hello tabonnefee. How are you doing?
[tabonnefee] hey jdbaxter
[tabonnefee] hello Thumper... I'm doing well ... you?
[Thumper6488] I'm fair to middlin' myself.
[jdbaxter] i also enjoyed the dialogue since i have been reading works from toni morrison and mcmillan which are different.
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[tabonnefee] I wish I had enjoyed the book ... I do love Zora
[Thumper6488] I've always thought that Hurston had an incredible ear.
[jdbaxter] the diagloue in seraph was easier for me to understand more so than in her other works
aalbc> tab -- you did not like it?
>> Cicely has joined channel #XC.1141852
aalbc> jdb - definite agreed on the ease of reading
[tabonnefee] aalbc... unortunatley not ... I enjoyed the writing but not the characters
[Thumper6488] Hello Cicely, how are you doing?
[Cicely] Type HERE Good evening Thumper et al.
[jdbaxter] hi cicely
[tabonnefee] evening Cicely
[Cicely] I am doing well, thanks. This is my first time in the chat room. usually, i'm glued to schoolwork when
[Cicely] the chats are going on.
[Thumper6488] Well, we're glad to have you. SMILE
[Thumper6488] Now, about that rape...
[Cicely] Thanks! You'll have me for most of the chat, if no one decides to call me. I am having problems with my
[Cicely] voice mail while online.
aalbc> The wife was a real pain -- it really was a study on personality disorder -- the inner thougts of a madwoman
[Cicely] what rape?
aalbc> Unde the tree
[tabonnefee] where Jim decides to make Arvay his woman
[Thumper6488] When Arvay takes Jim to her special place uder the tree
[tabonnefee] or so he thinks
[Cicely] i'm sorry, i'm a scatterbrain tonight.
[Cicely] hmm, do you remember in their eyes when granny didn't want anyone to desecrate janie's tree?
[Cicely] well, it happens here, but arvay is able to go on.
[jdbaxter] i had a problem with the wife as well because it seemed she could never see herself as being important other than as a provider for everyone else's
- needs---do you think that is how black women are depicted?
[tabonnefee] that's because Arvay was simple
[Cicely] most of my classmates did not excuse the rape, but felt sorry for jim by the end of the novel.
[Cicely] that's a good question, jd.
[Thumper6488] Tabonnefee: I don't think she was simple. Just lonely and full of fairy tales
[Cicely] yes, thumper, right on target.
[jdbaxter] i am still undecided whether Arvay or Jim was the seraph.
[Cicely] you also have to keep in mine arvay's upbringing.
[tabonnefee] I don't know ... folks full of fairy tales tend to be a lot more creative
[Thumper6488] I'm leaning towards Arvay
[jdbaxter] in what ways do you think it would be Arvay rather than Jim?
[Thumper6488] tabonnefee: they also have an illusion of what the world should look like and can't accept reality when it's slapped in their face.
[Thumper6488] Because we know more about Arvay than Jim
[tabonnefee] very true Thumper .perhaps I'm just mad with the character of Arvay
aalbc> JDB - I gotta belive Jim is the Seraph
[jdbaxter] both characters had a need to feel their worth depended on who they could help
[Thumper6488] Troy: explain
[jdbaxter] Arvay was a "trip" at times i was annoyed with her simplicity
aalbc> He was like an angel for avray
[Cicely] but, don't you think that she was complex in many ways
[tabonnefee] Jim left Arvay so he could help her understand the deeper meaning of a "man's" actions
[tabonnefee] how so Cicely?
[jdbaxter] i liked the analogy of the tree as a foundation and life force portaryed by Arvay
aalbc> he pulled her from a life of likely lonelyness -- forced her
[Cicely] yes, in a way he was, because he saved her from wanting her sister's husband, who she thought was the catch.
[Cicely] it
[Cicely] has been a while since i read the book, but just her relationship with her spouse, children,etc. . .
[Thumper6488] jdbaxter: I don't believe that Jim and Arvay really knew each other
[Cicely] thumper, i disagree. at first one can say this, but by the end of the novel, they were beginning to understand one another.
[tabonnefee] THumper ... I don't think they knew themselves
[Thumper6488] tabonnefee: right
[Thumper6488] Jim was jsut as insecure as Arvay
[Cicely] tabonnefee, you're right, because both of their young lives were dictated.
[Cicely] yes, he was thumper.
[Cicely] he got caught up in trying to be "the man."
[Thumper6488] ]Did Jim ever grow up?
[Cicely] he thought that simply providing for his family was enuf.
[Cicely] yes, he did by leaving arvay.
[Thumper6488] Cicely: I disagree, he was wanting Arvay to prove that she loved him
[Cicely] okay question, we all read af-american literature, but are any of you teachers?
[Cicely] yes, but i think that it was an opportunity for him to see that if she didn't reciprocate his love, it was time for him to move on and become his own
- man.
[Thumper6488] No, I'm not a teacher.
[tabonnefee] and I disagree with the both of you ... he wanted her to get a better understanding of him as a man
[tabonnefee] I'm a teacher
[jdbaxter] jim and arvay never got to know each other because they both had insecurities but portrayed in different ways. jim was strong when it came to
- ordering arvay and taking care of physical needs but he was insecure when it came to his confidence that she really loved him and arvay was insecure because she
- couldn't never believe that jim could really find her attractive because of his handsomeness and upbringing---to me he was just as crude as the other men
[Thumper6488] Cicely: If that was the case then, what was that episode with the snake all about?
aalbc> I not a professional educator -- yet
[Cicely] what level?
[tabonnefee] K-12
[tabonnefee] masters work in creative writing
[Cicely] thumper, you got me because i barely rememeber the snake. a classmate wrote an essay on it, but i can't remember what she said.
[Thumper6488] Jd: Ok is see that
[tabonnefee] the snake was an issue of trust
[Cicely] tabonnefee, you must have the patiences of JOB!
[tabonnefee] lol Cicley
[tabonnefee] aalbc...yet?
[Cicely] i'm for REAL! i love children, but some of them are ENTIRELY too grown!!!
[Thumper6488] tabonnefee: are you sure? Or was he trying to impress Arvayt?
[Cicely] what's the next book on the chat list? i
aalbc> See myself retiring at some college...
[tabonnefee] Thumper ... he was trying to impress her but when things got out of hand he couldn't trust her to come to his aid ...that was his BIG red light
[Cicely] aalbc, are you a prof.?
[jdbaxter] the episode with the snake showed another side of jim's mental insecurity---he blamed arvay for his injuries and not really defending him but how
- could he expect her to response to the situation when he controlled everything about her?
aalbc> C, not yet...
[tabonnefee] a student?
[Thumper6488] tabonnefee: Answer me this; after over 20 years of marriage, what's up with trying to impress somebody?
[jdbaxter] the episode with the snake was childish to me
[Thumper6488] Cicely: Next book is Tar Baby by Toni Morrison
[jdbaxter] 20 years I agrre
aalbc> Tab working as a prof, but always the student..
[Cicely] i guess that i will be doing the same BY SIXTY! i refuse to teach past 65. my profs. kill me with that mess. i come from an area where retirement
- is VERY i mportant. folks hang their workshoes on the streelights
[tabonnefee] Thumper ... that's what happens when those 20 years don't bring you closer ... you have to take a few moments out of those years to get to know
- your spouse
[tabonnefee] aalbc... prof of what?
[Cicely] i HATE tarbaby. she was stupid by revealing what happened to tar baby in sula (before tar baby was written). FOOL!
[tabonnefee] Cicely ...why not?
[tabonnefee] there you have it
[Cicely] it's horrible. i rank it with jazz - - - both wastes of time and energy.
aalbc> tab -- good question something technology related
[Thumper6488] I loved Jazz
aalbc> Cic you are a tough critic may I quote you on the web site (smile)
[tabonnefee] aalbc... good answer (Ithink)
[Cicely] Thumper, when was the last time that you viisited your alma mater? have you seen the new BCC?
[Cicely] aalbc, feel free too! LOL!
[Thumper6488] I haven't been down there in ages...and frankly don't care to go. SMILE
[Cicely] if you think that i am a hard critic, you should hear what i have to say about cane and invisible man.
[jdbaxter] i read tarbaby but will have to reread it---i wasn't too impress with what i remember there, again it is not like paradise ore beloved, etc.
[Cicely] lol! you aren't missing ANYTHING! Lol!
[Thumper6488] I know
[Cicely] sula is simply her finest work. oprah should have made THAT into a movie, rather than beloved.
[Cicely] not everyone can deal with haints.
[jdbaxter] is tar baby the next discussion?
[Thumper6488] Did anyone catch Hurston's reference to music
[Cicely] yes.
aalbc> Cicely -- remember I trying to sell books (smile) .
[Cicely] what type was it?
[Cicely] sorry! but many folks would agree! lol!
[Thumper6488] how the white people stole the music and tried to deny it's origins in the black community
[Cicely] oh yeah, that was a major concern of hurston's
[Cicely] robert hemengway devotes nearly a chapter about this
[Cicely] in his biography on hurston.
[Cicely] she wanted to keep it real and resented
[Cicely] how many black scholars/professors messed around with the spirituals
[Cicely] by trying to adopt them for a white audience.
[Cicely] read ann douglas's terrible honesty for more details.
[Cicely] it's a wonderful study about the black and white collaboration during the harlem renaissance.
[Cicely] in regards to music and literature.
[tabonnefee] thanks for the info Cicely
[Cicely] you're welcome, didn't mean to be so lengthy.
[Thumper6488] don't worry about it.
[Thumper6488] I was so glad that someone besides me felt the same way
[jdbaxter] is tarbaby the next book for discussion?
[tabonnefee] not a problem
[Cicely] yes.
[Thumper6488] jdbaxter: yes, next month
[Cicely] tarwaste of energy on morrison's part is the next book.
[tabonnefee] lol
[Cicely] hee hee!!
[Thumper6488] Cicely: now tell us how you really feel about toni morrison
[jdbaxter] what do you think of hurston's their eyes were watching god?
[Cicely] you either love her or hate here, there's no in between. i enjoyed sula and bluest e yes. beloved was
[Cicely] okay. song of solomon was WONDERFUl pilate is my girl.
[tabonnefee] I loved that book ... felt much closer to the characters
[Thumper6488] in my opinion its the second best book written in the century
[Cicely] jd, their eyes is FANTASTIC! she was the foremother for walker and the rest of them womenfolks. she taught them how to develop a woman's
- bildungsroman.
[jdbaxter] i agree
[Cicely] and how to become womanists. heck, she gave the definition for this term, walker came up with the word.
[Cicely] let's be for real, walker is good, but she got a lot of stuff from zora.
[Thumper6488] What about the child molestation charges against Hurston at the time Seraph On The suwanee was publish.? Was it a conspiracy?
[Cicely] i think it was. please read my post about this. also, refer to hemengway's biography. she received no support simply because she was an outcast from
- the h.renaissance.
[Cicely] no one came to her defense.
aalbc> Chat SIDE BAR: Terrible Honesty: Mongrel Manhattan in the 1920s - Douglas "concentrates on Manhattan in the 1920s, with an emphasis on the Harlem
- Renaissance. . . . {The book} covers American literature, music, andarchitecture and discusses the influences of Freud, William James, and matriarchy on early
- 20th-century thought."
[jdbaxter] i think it was a conspiracy because they did not want her writing about white folks and getting it published
[Cicely] aalbc, great book. best school text that i've read in the past 2 years.
[tabonnefee] it's difficult to go against the grain during a proactive time such as the HR
[Cicely] thick as heck though, and i had to read it in under a week.
[Cicely] very much so, esp. when men domineered the movement.
[Thumper6488] According to the introduction; she was wanting on of her books to be a movie and thought she could sell Seraph to hollywood?
aalbc> This I'll add to the site (seriously) thanks
[Cicely] dubois was such a chauvanist as it was.
[tabonnefee] it's never a good time to be a woman
[Cicely] you're welcome.
[tabonnefee] he was a lot of "ists"
aalbc> Most men were don;t hold it against him -- he was a man of his times C
[Thumper6488] Let's not get started on DuBois
[Cicely] you've got that right. HOW does one WILLINGLY let his daughter marry a man who is gay and then BLAME her for the downfall of her marriage?!!?!?!
[Cicely] countee cullen was out and dubois knew it.
[tabonnefee] lol
[Cicely] heck, alain locke was one of his lovers!
aalbc> Thump you know you are down with the "talented tenth" LOL
[tabonnefee] lol
[Cicely] hughes, cullen, locke all ran in the same circles.
[Thumper6488] Troy: see I'm trying to be nice
[tabonnefee] you all are a mess
[Thumper6488] Cicely: where did you get this information from?
aalbc> Well Carey's not here so.....
[Cicely] yes, i've had my suspicions about dubois as well, aalbc. in fact, one of my profs. is a dubois scholar, and we chucke about this all the time.
[Cicely] thumper, just years of reading the mess. . .
[Cicely] and other profs who have done work on these authors. it
[Thumper6488] Cicely: give up the ghost baby, name me some books, you've peeked my curiosity now.
aalbc> Word!
[Cicely] is true about cullen. check out david levering lewis's when harlem was in vogue, as well as douglas's book.
[tabonnefee] It's amazing what you find out when you start digging
[Cicely] there are others, but i can't remember. prof. gave me some of this last spring.
[Cicely] check out nathan huggins's harlem renaissance.
[Cicely] cheryl wall's women of the harlem renaissance.
[tabonnefee] lol..I'm over here taking notes ...almost raised my hand
[Cicely] LOL!
[Cicely] i know 2 of the profs. personally who edited the book. WONDERFUL INVISTEMENT!
[Cicely] oops, investment.
[Cicely] do y'all have the norton anthology to af-american lit or call and response: the riverside anthology to af american lit?
aalbc> AALBC SIDE BAR - when harlem was in vogue -The decade and a half that followed World War I was a time of tremendous optimism in Harlem. It was a time
- when Langston Hughes, Eubie Blake, Marcus Garvey, Zora Neale Hurston, Paul Robeson, and countless others made their indelible mark on the landscape of American
- culture. David Levering Lewis makes us feel the excitment of the times as he recaptures the intoxicating hope that black Americans could now create important
- art - and so at last compel the nation to recognize their equality. In his new preface, the author reconsiders the Harlem Renaissance in light of criticism
- surrounding the exploitation of the black community.
[Cicely] buy these instead the next time that y'all want to drop $40-50 on some books. they have beocme my bible.
[Cicely] aside from my holy bible.
[tabonnefee] I have Norton
[Cicely] don't you just love it?
aalbc> About adding the books -- look for an expansion of the harlem Renaissance section of the web site
[tabonnefee] Eubie!!! him
[tabonnefee] Cicely ...yes I do
[Cicely] you would really like the riverside better.
[tabonnefee] I'll check it out ...thanks!
[Thumper6488] Cicely: have you taken a look at The Crisis Reader, The Opportunity Reader yet
[Cicely] comes with lesson plans and everything, as well as a cd that is WONDERFU L!
[Cicely] no, i haven't. didn't know about it until i read your posting. only knew about cornel's reader, but he's too deep for me.
[tabonnefee] Cicely ... is your last name Dewey???
[Cicely] heck, it ought to be that and cicely de la libraire de congress!
>> lockedout has joined channel #XC.1141852
[Cicely] lol@
[Cicely] also, d o y'all have reading black, reading feminist
[tabonnefee] lol ..c'est vrai!
[Cicely] wonderful collection of essays about black lit. involving women.
[Cicely] merci beaucoup!
[tabonnefee] de rien cherie
[tabonnefee] Cicely ... I be's a po teacher ....I cain't afford all dem books
[Cicely] good girl, glad that you said the de rien, because i forgot how to spell that. after i passed my graduate school reading exam in french, i gave the
- books away the next day. THROUGH with french for LIFE!#W
[lockedout] Hello I had a hard time getting in I tried for over 30 minutes!!!!! hince locked out
>> jdbaxter has left channel #XC.1141852
[Cicely] check them out from a local college library!
[tabonnefee] hello lockedout
aalbc> Je devine que Seraph sur le Swanee n'est pas un sujet de discussion
[lockedout] What's on the table?
[Cicely] c'est vrai.
[tabonnefee] I'll do that Cicely ... but then I'll want them
[Thumper6488] Who''s the new Zora
[tabonnefee] lol aalbc
[Cicely] aalbc, are you fluent?
[Cicely] i can read it and that's aboutIT!
[Cicely] hate speaking it, wasnt that great it, but i could translate my butt off.
[Cicely] what do mean, thump?
aalbc> C just tecnhically proficent
[Cicely] i get you now.
[tabonnefee] Cicely ... je pense en anglais et traduis en francais... et voila ...franglais!!!
[Cicely] i would say alice. toni is too deep to be like a zora. hell, she's in her own category.
[Thumper6488] Is there any author today who is walking in Zora's footsteps
aalbc> The is no new Zora
[Cicely] tabonnefee: lol!
[Cicely] alice is the closest with the color purple.
[tabonnefee] I agree Cicely
[Cicely] you have the power of the front porch and the mentoring of women in trouble in both works.
[Cicely] thus, aalbc, i disagree.
[tabonnefee] oops... je d'accord
aalbc> I read Zora would take caliphers to someones head in the midle of the street
[Cicely] lol!
[Thumper6488] How about The View From Here by Brian Keith jackson?
[Cicely] y'all crazy.
[Cicely] I read that! glad that i checked it out of the library.
[lockedout] I thought that was a sweat book Thumper.
[tabonnefee] I don't have any power ... my front porch is about 9ft square
[Thumper6488] Cicely: Now are too critical tonight. LOL
[Cicely] heck, it was a '90's version of beloved, but the baby wasn't killed. also, it read too much like the color purple by using the epistolary method to
- tell the story.
[tabonnefee] I haven't read that ... I guess now I have to go get it
[Cicely] simply telling the truth, that's what these folks are training me to do. lol!
[Thumper6488] lockedout: I loved that BOOK!
[lockedout] I didn't care for the father though. what about you?
[Cicely] total BUSTER
[Cicely] lockedout
[Thumper6488] Lockedout: He was too weak and sillyt
[Cicely] straight up Mr.
[Cicely] from the color purple.
[lockedout] Different twist with the baby huh!
[tabonnefee] I'll just sit on the swing for this conversation
[Cicely] yes.
[Cicely] girl, you are hilarious.
[Thumper6488] Yes, very different
[Cicely] thumper, where did you go?
[lockedout] Father was mean I thought thumper.
[Cicely] there you go, thought that you were swinging, also! lol!
[lockedout] He's talking to me C
[Thumper6488] Cicely: Huh?
[tabonnefee] this is a one woman swing Cicely!!
[Cicely] never mind, as soon as i sent the message, you popped back on the screen. i apologize
[Thumper6488] cool
aalbc> epistolary -- is that a technical term or a version of what they did to my wife at child birth?
[lockedout] Swing??? you guys have lost me . as if I've ever been in.
[tabonnefee] lol aalbc
[Cicely] have you read only twice i've wished for heaven?
[Cicely] now, that's a wonderful read!
[tabonnefee] locedout ...I haven't read the book that you all are discussing so I said I'd sit on the swing for this discussion
[Thumper6488] no, I haven't
[lockedout] Oh.
[Cicely] no, aalbc, that's an epidural, and there's one procedure that also begins with an "e" during probs with delivery.
[Cicely] epistolary is framing your text through the usage of having a character write letters.
[lockedout] Heaven. give use a little background please. I heard it was a good read.
[tabonnefee] all right ... I confess ... I have spent too many years with kiddy lit and just within the last year I started reading adult literature ::hanging
- my head::
[Cicely] it's about a black family that moves from either the west or south side of chicago to a better section in order to get a "better pice of the pie."
[Thumper6488] tabonnefee: don't worry about it.
[lockedout] Where is Carey?
[Cicely] tabonnefee, have you read nappy hear, then?
[Cicely] i just bought it for a sweet little girl that i know.
[tabonnefee] OH YES!!!!!!
[tabonnefee] I looooove that book
[Cicely] major controversy, there.
[tabonnefee] yes'm
[lockedout] Nappy hair. Big discussion on this board last year
[Cicely] it looks cute. i just ordered it on line.
[Cicely] thanks locked out, i will check out the archives.
[tabonnefee] have you seen Faith Ringgold
[tabonnefee] oops
[Thumper6488] I thought it was a very cute book
aalbc> Thanks -- I thought it was derived prom episotomy
[tabonnefee] Faith RInggold's Invisible Princess?
[Cicely] aalbc, i don't know. i think that i have the write spelling and word. all i know that it does pertain to the format that i mentioned.
[lockedout] I know I got here late so what was the vertic on this book?
[Thumper6488] I liked it.
[Cicely] heck, walker borrowed it from mariama ba, and all black folks borrowed it from white folks from the 18th century.
[lockedout] Numbers please 1-10
[Cicely] oops right.
[Cicely] 5.
aalbc> 6
[Thumper6488] 6
aalbc> for me a 5 is a good book
[tabonnefee] which end is the best?
[lockedout] I didn't know it was going to be about white people I was disappointed!
[Thumper6488] It would be perfect for Oprah though
[lockedout] I give it a low 5
[Cicely] no it's not. heaven is about blacks who live phat in their own black area.
[Cicely] with black maids.
[Cicely] the book is a definite 10.
[Thumper6488] It's about that time to say good bye.
[Cicely] i apologize, i was co nfused there for a minute. a good friend taught it to her undergrads and both blacks and whites enjoyed it.
[lockedout] 10 what book?
[Cicely] she couldnt'g et them to shut up about it. Heaven is a 10.
aalbc> When they say this novel is a "departure " for hurston I believe it is a nice way of saying it was her worst one
[Cicely] thumper, since we attended the same school, are you an engineer by chance?
[tabonnefee] lol aalbc ...I'll agree to that
[lockedout] Thank you AALBCI agree
[Cicely] that's all that this school seems to pump out.
[Thumper6488] I have the degree.
[lockedout] So why did we pick it?
[Cicely] aalbc, are you thinking that because the characters are white?
aalbc> No
[Cicely] EE, ME, ChemE, IE, Civil E, Thump
[tabonnefee] I think that because the characters are trifling
[Thumper6488] Because, I like Hurston and this book seems never to be mentioned along with her other works. SMILE
[Thumper6488] ME
[Cicely] good point, thump.
[Cicely] that's good! would have went that route if i could add, and balance formulas! lol!
[lockedout] Stephen kings does a good job with black characters so I don't think it makes a different. Hurston just blew it
[Cicely] consider the time period, though locked ou t. it was a major accomplishment during that time.
[Thumper6488] tabonnefee, if you want to read a book about trifling white folks, check out God's Little acre by Erskine Caldwell. Those people are Jery
- Springer people
[Cicely] black folks just weren't writing about white folks like that. they weren't trying
[Cicely] to get into their heads.
[lockedout] Someonre on the board said she should stick to what she knows but hell we all know Whites don't we
[tabonnefee] it all must be kept in context ...good point Cicely
[tabonnefee] all right Thumper ... thanks
[Cicely] thanks.
aalbc> Perhap it was indeed an attempt to cross over to placiate citics to complained about her use of black english an atte,mpt to prove something
[lockedout] Good point AALBC
[tabonnefee] lockedout...that was what I said "kind of"
[Cicely] lawdy, my fingers are tired.
[Thumper6488] But how come Hurston is dogged for doing this but when Baldwin did basically the same thing in Giovanni's Room and Another Country, he was
- paraised all over the place?
[Cicely] baldiwn isn't a part of the h.r. AND he's a man.
aalbc> Sexism of the time
[tabonnefee] because she's a woman
[Thumper6488] and..
[Cicely] PLUS, he was goody goody with richard wright.
[tabonnefee] lol Cicely
[Cicely] hmm . . do you think that wright could have swung that way too!?!?
[Cicely] hmmm . ..
[Cicely] hmm. ..
[Thumper6488] Cicely: but he fell out with Wright
[Cicely] hmm . .
[tabonnefee] lol Cicely
[Cicely] yeah, he did after he used the hell out of him.
[Cicely] hmm . ..
[Cicely] hmm. .
[lockedout] Even kiss the girls by patterson. I don't hink it makes a difference. if it's a good story no one really cares do they or do they???
aalbc> Ouch
[tabonnefee] girl... you think WAY too much!!!
[Cicely] mom says the same thing along with "girl you crazy."
[Cicely] just read the d**** book without worrying about other stuff (according to my mom)
[tabonnefee] lol ...moms is a wise woman
[Thumper6488] Patterson is a mystery. Publishing companies say that a book with a strong black male character don't sell but Patterson's Alex Cross novels are
- hot! What's up with that?
[Cicely] he might be the token mystery writer.
[Cicely] hmm. . .
[Cicely] hmm . .
[tabonnefee] lol
[Cicely] let's see if grace edwards becomes as hot as mary higgins clarke
[Thumper6488] Patterson is white
[lockedout] Thumper who knows?
[Cicely] that
[Cicely] is right, thanks for correcting me! i forgot.
[lockedout] You think the reading world know Thumper?
[Cicely] that he's white. yes.
[Thumper6488] Sure, his picture is on the back cover
[tabonnefee] who's gonna say they aren't white?
[Cicely] EXACTLY. a nd isn't he from NC?
[Thumper6488] I don't know
[lockedout] I guess we'll never really know then what they can do!
[Cicely] have y'all seen hurricane yet?
[lockedout] Thumper what book is up next?
[Cicely] tar baby.
[Thumper6488] Hey, it's time to say good bye.
[tabonnefee] not yet
[Thumper6488] Yep
[tabonnefee] on Hurricane
[Thumper6488] Tar BAby is the next book
[lockedout] No but I have seen The green Mile. Damn good movie
[Cicely] that's what i've heard.
aalbc> I hear an interview of rubin -- he is an incredible person.
[Cicely] it's to go?
[lockedout] Tar baby That should be an interesting chat
[Cicely] he's from the west side of chitown.
[Thumper6488] yep
[Thumper6488] nite
[tabonnefee] you all have a wonderful evening ... night
[lockedout] Nope not me!
>> Cicely has left channel #XC.1141852
aalbc> Peace yall chat will be posted this week
[lockedout] bye