The Coffee Will Make You Black
Reading Group's On-line Chat Transcript for Our August Selection

Liars Game
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by Eric Jerome Dickey

Format: Hardcover, 336pp.
Publisher: N A L
Pub. Date: June  2000

September 6th 2000 9:00 PM EST

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Thumper6488> Hello Arlene, how are you doing this evening?
[ArleneG] hey thumper! it's good to finally "meet" you.
Thumper6488> LOL It's good to me you too.
[ArleneG] good! I've been looking forward to this evening
Thumper6488> Did you like the book?
[ArleneG] I did. I t was different than the other ones though
Thumper6488> I felt it was different as well.
[ArleneG] I think EJD has matured in his writing style, but he could have
- developed the characters a bit deeper
Thumper6488> I thought so as well. I see his style maturing.
[ArleneG] I don't think I would have the patience to be a friend of Dana's -
- she was a bit "off the walll" at times - lol
Thumper6488> a more complicated storyline
Thumper6488> I tried to sympathizes with Dana, but I found myself rooting
- for Vince, and then he pissed me off.
Thumper6488> by being so weak with his ex-wife
>> mozzack has joined channel #XC.1141852
Thumper6488> Hello mozzack, how are you doing this evening?
[ArleneG] I think VInce was a bit shell-shocked and got used to the
- treatment he got from his ex
[ArleneG] Hi mozzack
[mozzack] i'm grrrrrEAT!!!
[mozzack] hi arlene
Thumper6488> We are talking about Vince.
[ArleneG] But, I think Vince should have stood up for his rights a lot
- sooner than he did
Thumper6488> Arlene: Exactly.
[mozzack] o. Vince the closet misogynist?
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Thumper6488> Hello Looking1, how are you doing this evening?
[Looking1] Hi Thumper I'm great and you?
Thumper6488> mozzack: what makes you say that?
[mozzack] hi looking1
[Looking1] hello Mozzack
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[mozzack] it's a bit obvious. here we have a guy who can't keep his emotions
- in check. as soon as he gets riled, he uses the nearest woman as a
- bag
Thumper6488> Hello PJ, how are you doing this evening?
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[mozzack] hi PJ. how's eddie murphy? (lol)
[Pam] Hello
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[mozzack] what's up pam/
[ArleneG] mozzack, I don't agree. Dana had pushed him to his limits at the
- time of their fight. I DO NOT advicate violence against women, but she
- push him
Thumper6488> mozzack: I disagree as well.
[aalbc] Hey y'all
[ArleneG] sorry, my spel chek is brok - lol
TO aalbc> Hey

[Pam] I forgot what started their argument...oh he thought she had burned
- his childs pic, right?
[mozzack] how can you say that, arlene, thumper? it wasn't just with dana,
- it was with malaika as well. how can someone "push" you towards violence?
- please explain

[mozzack] what's up aalbc

[Pam] that's a good point moaazk, he did have a previous history
[mozzack] & as it turns out, if he would have thought before reacting, he would've realized that she
- DIDN'T burn his daughter's pics

[mozzack] y thank u, pam

[PJ] he didid ... he has problems responding with his emotions

[Thumper6488] There is no excuse for a man to abuse any woman
[ArleneG] Vince loved his wife. While he was working she was with someone else. He found out, went to where they were and snapped.
[Pam] maybe it goes back to that theory that men HAVE to have validation from somewhere and when they don't
[Pam] get if from their woman, they are at aloss
TO mozzack> whats up!
[Pam] don't know.

[Pam] don't know.
[mozzack] his reactions were somewhat typical. black folks have a habit of getting in beefs over relationships
[Pam] lost
[Thumper6488] I can't say that I wouldn'
[Thumper6488] sorry
aalbc> "his reactions were somewhat typical" hmmmm....
[Thumper6488] I can't say that I wouldn't have reacted the same way in that situation
[PJ] no

[Thumper6488] Here's his wife cheating on him with some other man
[Thumper6488] She could have been shot
[Pam] well, certainly basic-his reactions were basic--no higher thinking involved ...
[PJ] he should have taken the daughter from the wife
[ArleneG] Then she played games with him over his daughter
[mozzack] if a woman don't want you, beating her and some other guy up won't make her want you. Am i wrong?
[PJ] i didn't agree with that ... she used the daughter
[Pam] Yeah, his ex wife was especially evil
aalbc> mozz it is a effective short term solution (smile)
[Thumper6488] Yeah, but like that Shirley Brown song said, love will make you do a lot of things that you thought you wouldn't do.

[mozzack] malaika wasn't evil at all. just immature
[Pam] hmm, that is one way to look at mozzack
[PJ] immature ... but she never grew up
[ArleneG] these women pushed his buttons. Again, I DO NOT agree with him putting his hands on them, but they took him places his emotions coulnd't
- handle
[mozzack] (lol) ok short term
[Pam] true, but a real man would have walked away
[Pam] before hitting a woamn
[Pam] woman
aalbc> I don't understand why he did not react simillarly with his wife?

[Thumper6488] Come on Pam, I've seen plenty of women act the same in that situation
[mozzack] (LOL) i can't wait till i'm on the train tomorrow & some woman pushes my buttons. now i know i have an excuse 2 beat her up. (lol)
[Thumper6488] mozzack: I don't think so.
[Pam] hit a man when their emotions run amok? Yeah, but a woman does have the strength of a man
[Pam] doesn't
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[Melisha] hi everyone
[Thumper6488] There's some cunning in that too. I have aunts that have told their men, I can't wait tillyou go to sleep.
[mozzack] actually, to tell you the truth, it seems like that whole violent scene between vince and dana was contrived for dramatic effect. it
- didn't feel real
[mozzack] whut's up melisha
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aalbc> Pam I saw the Olympian in Newsweek would could bench 500lbs
[Pam] lol I guess her husband bet not open his mouth in that case aalbc lol
aalbc> I agree with mozzz about the contrivance -- it did not seem in character
[Melisha] what have I missed?

[ArleneG] mozzack, I could see it coming - Dana should have given him space to talk to hiz ex and tell him her thoughts after
[Thumper6488] Hold up though, but what about after that violent scene. Explain that one.
aalbc> mel you'll catch on in a minute...
[ArleneG] you mean with his neighbor?
[mozzack] melisha. we're discussing vince's frailties as a man
[Pam] yeah, mozzack, I think it was a way to show an almost rape sceen between people with history with each other
[Pam] scene
[mozzack] what do you mean after the violent scene, thump?
[Melisha] well troy I didn't read the entire book. only half. just got it yesterday evening
[Thumper6488] Remember Vince and Dana making love after that on the living room floor? What was that?
[Melisha] Well I thought dana was a trip

[ArleneG] Thumper, I think they loved each other and felt as if that was the way to recconect
[ArleneG] although it was strange timimg - lol
[mozzack] you feeling me, pam? because it you have to remember that this is a guy writing from the woman's perspective. i didn't believe Dana's
- reaction.
[Melisha] She always fussed at vince then turned around and made love to him
[Pam] plus, they had serious sexual chemistry, that was for sure.
[mozzack] i don't call that "making love" thump
aalbc> Arene -- I think, no I'm convinced that was just animal instinct highentened by the extreme emotion. Almost a voilent act in and of itself
[Pam] Yeah, you're right...he is man doing the best he can to see things as a woman would but he has built in limitations
[mozzack] of course dana was the bomb diggy, mal. She from NY!!! (lol)
aalbc> Love had nothing to do with it -- at least i would not in the real world

[ArleneG] troy, i can agree with that
[Melisha] Mozzack actually I thought she was wack
[Thumper6488] mozzack: we're in mix company though, it was the best term I could come up with.
[mozzack] (LOL) stop mel
[Pam] Me too, Melisha...I thought our girl Dana could benefit from a few sessions with a shrink
aalbc> Pam, Mel -- I with yall on that one
[Melisha] She was always teasing homeboy
[Thumper6488] and a financial advisor as well

[ArleneG] As an aside, I went to Audubon, the school right down the street from Vince's apartment
[ArleneG] Westside - lol
[mozzack] no thump. i'm talking bout what they did, the act. that had nothing to do with love. more like some sort of power struggle
[Pam] And that wasn't a good thing for Dickey to do, depict her as an everyday woman...she was a lot off center to me
[Melisha] I was tripping off the fact that she was saying she was bankrupt but then tried to make love to him without condoms
[Thumper6488] The one scene that I thought was out of character was the one with Vince and the lesiban in the garage.
[ArleneG] YEP!! I didn't even see the point to that.
[Pam] Out of character how?
[Melisha] thump what happened
[mozzack] the point to that was . . . the lesbian was BANGIN. (LOL)
[Melisha] I don't think I got that far yet?
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[Thumper6488] Come on, if you're a lesiban, a man can't do anything for you sexually, he can't float her boat.
[ArleneG] I don't see how the introduction of that couple added to the storyline at all
[Pam] she was bisexual, had a child
aalbc> Arl - as an aside I went to "Make My Cake" last week. The Bakery in Harlem Dana reminised about. I noticed Dickey dropped a lot of
- familiar names in his book

[Melisha] Did they have sex?
[Melisha] yall have to clue me in on some stuff
[Judy] Type HEREPretty Good. I agree those two neighbors did not add to the tale.
[ArleneG] but in a lesbian relationship - an abusive one at that. Do I see a theme here?
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[mozzack] she wasn't a lesbian, her partner was. she just drifted where it suited her. Naiomi was a (sexual) gypsy
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[Judy] Dickey also promoted his own unproduced screenplay in the book.
[Pam] I thought they were an interesting know, that just happened to be who lived next door
[Melisha] So did vince and her get it on?
[Pam] don't know what point he wanted to make except a man has a hard time saying no to some when offered lol
[ArleneG] Melisha - yes
[Judy] Vince and her had a kid which is kind of weird considering the anguish he endured behind his daughter.
[Melisha] I think Dickey is just a freak himself
[Judy] Where is EJD? ISnt he supposed to be here?
[ArleneG] But she and Vince didn't share the life of that child
[Pam] What do u mean Judy?
[Melisha] All he kept talking about was sex
[Thumper6488] Melisha: See, I knew you couldn't act right.
aalbc> EJD will not be here
[Melisha] act right?

[Thumper6488] Judy: EJD wasn't suppose to be here
[Melisha] the man talked about porn
[Judy] Okay. (Boo Hoo)
[Melisha] lesbians sex
[ArleneG] Judy, I second that boo hoo
[Melisha] all kinds of freaky things
[Thumper6488] Yep, act right. LOL
[Pam] Did his over use of similies bother anybody else?
[Judy] Yes, it bothered me.
aalbc> authors are good to have but they change the dynamic of the chat -- people are more willing to be critical
[Thumper6488] Actually, I think that this book was the first time that he featured any homosexual characters in his books.
[mozzack] like what
[Pam] I can't even remember one to give an example, but they got to be annoying after a while
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[Judy] Hello Ymax!
[Melisha] well thump this is my first dickey novel
aalbc> Mine too
[mozzack] whut up ymax
[Melisha] and don't try to make me feel guilty because you've read them all
[Ymax] Hi there
[ArleneG] It is Thumper. I was kinda surprised, and wondered if it was an attempt to ride the coattails of E. Lynn Harris
[Melisha] like with richard right lol
[mozzack] that's EXACTLY what it was arlene
[Thumper6488] Melisha: I won't. But I have read them all my favorite being his first Sister, Sister. Which was the funniest.
aalbc> sex sells and homosexual sex seems to do really well with women
[Ymax] This was my first Dickey novel also.
[Pam] I don't think so Arlene,,,Harris can't have the copyright on gayness

[ArleneG] Yep, that was a good one
[Melisha] that book had no depth
[Melisha] it was all about sex
[ArleneG] not saying that he doeas Pam, but ED never went there before
[Melisha] and cheating
aalbc> Me it is not that kind of book you want deep read morrison (smile)
[mozzack] this was my 1st dickey novel 2. but now i'm in the middle of cheaters cuz i keep hearing it's his best work
[ArleneG] Melisha, yuo have to look at the deeper issues going on in the book
[Thumper6488] I wouldn't say that it's all about sex though.
[Melisha] moral of his story: everyone cheats
[Pam] Arlene, i hear ya, just saying an author can write about pretty much anything
[ArleneG] true
[Melisha] what issues arlene?
[Pam] what was the lesson we can take from this book???
[Thumper6488] Melissa, that strong.
[Melisha] come on thump
[Thumper6488] Pam: First, have good credit and pay your bills on time.
[ArleneG] be true to yourself
[Thumper6488] There's nothing wrong with therapy
[Melisha] naomi thought juanita was cheating
aalbc> Pam - and don't deal with folks who have too much bagage

[Thumper6488] and there are black men that are willing to take care of their children
[Melisha] then they would forgive then have sex
[Pam] LOL, thump....too late for me to learn that one...I guess it is that 99% of the folks out here are cheating
[Ymax] I think the book was a great beach read. Not the deepest book I've ever read, but it kept my attention from cover to cover pretty much.
[mozzack] Juanita WAS cheating
[Melisha] Dana was suspicious of Vince then they forgave and had sex
[Melisha] how deep of a plot is that?
[Melisha] Sex everywhere
[Thumper6488] Ymax: I don't thinkt hat it was meant to be a deep thinking book in the first place.
[ArleneG] I like the twist with Vince's friends
aalbc> It kept my attention -- more so out of curiousity to fully experience the genre
[Melisha] Dana's mom even got busy with the daddy

[Thumper6488] Melisha: And how much of the book did you say you've read? Eyebrow Raised
[Pam] They wanted to have a solid relationship, she was crazy, he was hoping to find normal..gave up and just settled for halfway normal. lol
[Melisha] I could have just read the first page
[Melisha] it's sex on that page too!!!!!!11
[ArleneG] Yo have t admit Dana played herself with her ex
[Melisha] lol
[Thumper6488] LOL
[Thumper6488] Arlene: Yeah, I will admit that
[Ymax] Vince was a good man overall. Wanted the responsibility of raising his child.
[mozzack] how did dana play herself arlene?
[Pam] Yeah, she was confused about what she wanted and he (her ex) was right there
aalbc> Yeah. He'll want the responsibility until she starts jamming up his life
aalbc> the kid that is
[Thumper6488] By the end of the book when Vince finally confronted his ex-wife, I'm glad Dana stepped up to the plate.
[Melisha] My conclusion from what I read: Dickey wrote a novel about his sexual fatasies
[ArleneG] She thought because he was blowing up she could get back with him, that maybe things would be better
aalbc> Mel I got that impression also.

[Melisha] Sorry for ignoring mozzack; I agree sex sells
[mozzack] vince was a weak man. couldn't stand up to his ex, couldn't stand up 2 any body unless it was to beat them up. (lol)
[ArleneG] Melisha, there's sex in al of his books
[Thumper6488] Arlene: yeah, but she was kidding herself
[Pam] I think he wrote a novel or attempted to about the complexities of relationships when real life is right there
[Judy] Gotta go. Bye Yall!
[ArleneG] yeah, but the stun gun scene was FUNNY!!!
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[Thumper6488] mozzack: he wasn't weak. He was feeling guilty about catching her and her boyfriend. And she played him on that
[Ymax] It appears that both Vince and Dana were off the rebound. Thought she was selfish after she found out about the kid.
[Melisha] I'm sorry mozzack for ignoring; sex does sell
aalbc> YMAX -- rebound that is key
[Pam] Oh, when her friend got beat up? That was something.
[Ymax] I thought the stun gun scene was pretty funny too
[Pam] and when that singer knew what color towels she busted
[Thumper6488] Ymax: I disagree. I think Dana was more upset that Vince wouldn't tell her about his daughter and when she found out, wouldn't
- elaborate
aalbc> That could never happen in a real strip club (the beat down) brother would have jumped in immediately
[mozzack] she wasn't trying 2 get back w/ Claudio just cuz he was blowing up. she was weak for him, invested in him. & he wouldn't have blown up if
- it wasn't for her

[Pam] are us speakig frompersonal experience aalbc?? lol
[ArleneG] Thumper, Dana wasn't totally forthcoming with Vince either, and I think it was her own guilt that made her react that way to him
[Thumper6488] yes, exactly
[Melisha] Dana was just as guilty as can be and she was so paranoid that she kept bothering Vince
aalbc> WEAK, Weak, weak, the whole stroy could not have taken place without a bunch of weak confused folks.
[Pam] true thumper...they were both real reluctant to just put stuff out there...honesty is so much easier but I gues it would make a boring book
- .lol
[Ymax] I agree Arlene. I wasn't as if Dana was the picture of honesty.
[Melisha] true troy
[Thumper6488] Troy: so are you saying that the story was weak? LOL
aalbc> Pam - Well that is what I HEAR would happen (LOL)
[ArleneG] I think the only REAL characters were Vince's friends
[Melisha] I second it if you first it troy
[Pam] uh-huh lol
[Thumper6488] Pam: this is true.

[Melisha] It's a good read; that's about it
[Melisha] who womak arlene/
[Melisha] ?
[Pam] I loved his friend, that friendship they shared was soo great to read about!
[ArleneG] I'm not too good with names - his married friends
aalbc> I liked Womack's wife
[Melisha] why troy/
[Ymax] Well, I'm out of here. Gotta go deal with real life. Enjoy. Chat next month.
[ArleneG] thank's Troy
[mozzack] HOLD UP. which is worse: hiding bad credit or hiding the fact that u've been married & have a daughter somewhere. oh 7 let's not forget
- that he was still hung up on malaika
[Looking1] I enjoyed the chat month I will be prepared to join in!
[Melisha] womak's wife = rosa lee
[Thumper6488] Ymax: See you next month
[mozzack] by ymax
[Thumper6488] Looking: See you next month. Thanks for coming
[Melisha] mozzack that wasn't all she was hiding
[ArleneG] bye ymax
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[mozzack] Dana's my GIRL!!!!
[Melisha] she was hiding her desire for her ex
>> Ymax has left channel #XC.1141852
aalbc> she tried to maitain her own sense of self -- despite being married to an imature, suspicious dude.

[Melisha] you must be from new york mozzack?
[ArleneG] I think Rosa Lee was toying with the idea of cheating
[Thumper6488] I do too
[mozzack] wasn't desire. she figured that out when they had sex
[Melisha] troy you thought he was imature?
[Pam] who? Dana wasn't married before, was she?
[mozzack] i think rosa lee cheated
aalbc> Womac would get his boy to trial her instead of simply asking whats up?
[ArleneG] I even think the guy in the poetry club was toying with cheating with her
[Thumper6488] Or maybe she was simply feeling good that a young man found her sexually attractive. It boosted her ego.

[mozzack] no DOUBT, mel. (lol)
[ArleneG] i think there's more to it than that Thumper
[Melisha] I'm sorry dana was extremely wack
aalbc> I don't think Rosa cheated -- I'm sure she had amp opportunity though
[ArleneG] he knew her, and she played it off - but I am glad that EJD didn't take it there with her
[Melisha] I thought Vince was a very patient man
[Pam] Yes, Dickey left that up for grabs, was she cheating with that guy or not...but Vince broke the bottle on his face so I guess he will have a
- change of heart
[mozzack] rosa lee & that poetry guy were creepin like TLC. Read it again
[Melisha] She always wanted to fight

[Melisha] so he could feel bad
[Melisha] then she would have sex with him
[Melisha] the cycle continues
[Thumper6488] Well not ego exactly. But here's a woman that's been married for a million years with a million kids and a young man wants to do the
- do with her. Sounds like an ego booster to me.
[Melisha] fight=make up= sex
aalbc> My man was maybe scheming, perhaps.
[Melisha] that's the theme of this novel
[ArleneG] perhaps

[Melisha] I almost forgot about old gerri
[Melisha] she was a freak Too!
[mozzack] dont front, mel. u know u were feelin dana. it's all right. come into the light. (lol)
[Melisha] working in a strip club of all the places
[ArleneG] to be attractive to the opposite sex is an ego booster, especially when you've been in a long-term relationship
aalbc> Mel -- that would be sex, fight, sex, make up
[tabonnefee] see...I don't think Rosalee was doing anything wrong but gettin some peace and quiet in her own way
[Melisha] troy the order shifted alot
[Thumper6488] What's that old song? breaking up to make up

[Melisha] it was all freaky bottom line
[Pam] What do you think would have happened if Dana had decided to get out debt working the sex show...would vince have minded??
[ArleneG] i can see that tabonnefee
aalbc> Tab -- I'm with you re: Rosa
[Thumper6488] Pam: you bet he would have minded
aalbc> Pam of course!
[Melisha] Dickey is just a freak
[tabonnefee] thanks Arlene and Troy
[Melisha] that's all to it
[ArleneG] So Melisha, are you going to finish the book?
[mozzack] correction: dickey's a PAID freak. (lol)
[Melisha] yeah like i said its a good read
[Pam] why...just not the proper thing for his lady to be doing??

[Melisha] but the man is a freak
[tabonnefee] I don't think it was a good read ...any easy read perhaps but far from good
[Thumper6488] Oh please, who don't have a little freak in 'em
[Melisha] correct mozzack lol
[tabonnefee] any=an
[ArleneG] My favorite is Friends and Lovers
[mozzack] vince would go along with whatever dana did cuz he was WEAk
[Melisha] okay tab I agree I used the wrong word an easy read not good
[ArleneG] mozzack, he did get a little backbone after the fight/sex they had
[Melisha] mozzack please
[Thumper6488] OK tabonnefee, let's hear it. I've been waiting all month for it.
[Melisha] don't make that dramatic excuse
[tabonnefee] lol Thumper

[Melisha] yeah tab
[mozzack] which time arlene? there's a lot of sex scenes
[tabonnefee] well....
[ArleneG] after the picture burning incident
[tabonnefee] this story was P-I-T-I-F-U-L
[Melisha] thank you tab
[Thumper6488] Are we beginning to outgrow the you-go-girl genre?
[tabonnefee] all I wanted either of the two, Vince and Dana, to say was that they had something in their pasts
[Melisha] what was so you-go-girl about that/
[tabonnefee] and WHY do Black folk gotta beat on each other????
aalbc> Pitiful is a bit strong. Perhaps as weak as the characters
[Melisha] How a man gonna write a u-go-girl novel?
[mozzack] well, true . . . but think of why he got back bone. he was about to rape his girl
[Thumper6488] White folks beat on each other too.
[tabonnefee] I don't know a brotha (or a sista) that would have had all that drama in their lives
[Melisha] thank you tab
[tabonnefee] Thumper ...I'm not worried bout THEM
aalbc> Mel, so just what do you think of EJD (smile)
[ArleneG] mozzack, he put her out

[Melisha] what was the point of secrecy!!!!!
[Melisha] Only dickey tab
[Pam] OH, yeah, there is DRAMA out here...he isnot that faroff the mark tab
[tabonnefee] Mel... I was screaming at the pages like I used to do at the TV when I watched soaps
[mozzack] only after he saw her w/ her old b/friend
[tabonnefee] Pam ... I've NEVER had that kind of drama in my life even with my ex
[Melisha] troy dickey is freaky deaky
[Pam] Girl, u have been blessed is all....there is stuff that is wild u would believe it
[ArleneG] I agree Pam
[Thumper6488] I will admit that when I read books such as Liar's Game, I want drama and plenty of it.
[Melisha] I'm still blown by the lesbians?
[ArleneG] EJD borrowed from real life
[tabonnefee] lol Thumper
[Melisha] why did they happen to live next door
[Thumper6488] Melisha: But I'm over it.
[mozzack] Melisha! u got blown by lesbians? (lol)
aalbc> SOAP -- that is it SOAP OPERA -- that is what this was a seriers of highly improbable situations losely fused togther enough to be mildly
- conviencing to anyone will ing to completely suspend disbelief
[Thumper6488] How about you?

[Pam] LOL--I'll bet u do thumper.
[Melisha] mozzack corny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[mozzack] (lol)
[Melisha] Why did they live next door
[ArleneG] melisha: Juanita owned the building
[tabonnefee] Thumper ... I want a male character that I can fall in love with
[Thumper6488] I do. Nothing against Dickey or Harris, but...their not Morrison.
[Melisha] Thump loves drama
[ArleneG] What about Shelby??
[Pam] why not Melisha?
[tabonnefee] in The Seasons of Beento BLackbird there was drama ... and Solomon was the man!!!!
[Thumper6488] tabonnefee: I got one for you. Have you read a book by Marcus Major titled Good Peoples. Try it.
[Pam] that's a good point tap the hero is supposed to be someone u can root for
[Melisha] Dickey just want to make a quick buck
[Melisha] exploiting women and sex
[tabonnefee] haven't read it Thumper ... is it good?
[tabonnefee] ^5 Pam ....or just lust after!!!
[Pam] I can't say that I would want to spend any time with Vince, but he did have certain skills I might want to tap into lol
[mozzack] ejd is better than good peoples THUMP
[Thumper6488] I liked it a lot. Its a very nice book. You'll enjoy it.
[ArleneG] Pam - ROFLMAO!
[Melisha] Pam the lesbians were next door because that's dickeys fatasy to have some lesbians getting it on next door every night
[tabonnefee] lol Pam
aalbc> I don't think Dickey is in it for a quick buck -- there are a lot of easier ways to do that

[Thumper6488] I'm thinking bout having Major in for a session. Read it and tell me what you think.
[tabonnefee] ok Thumper ... I'll check it out
[Thumper6488] mozzack: You think.
[Melisha] why did you enjoy thump?
[Pam] Dickey better slow down though and go for more quality next time....I think authors get popular and start turning out any old thing
[tabonnefee] Pam ...just like Harris
[Thumper6488] I think that Majors focused more on a relationship with a nice guy that didn't have a lot of drama in it and dealt more with emotions
[tabonnefee] anyone want me to send them his latest cause I sure ain't reading it!!!
[Melisha] Tell you the truth I think he watched mad pornos before he wrote that book
[mozzack] It's a good read thump. but i'd love for you to tell me what the point of THAT story was
[Pam] Yep tab--just churning 'em out for the money.
[Thumper6488] The point was that it was a nice story about a budding relationship. that's all.
[Pam] What is this title for Majors?
[Thumper6488] Good Peoples
[tabonnefee] Pam ...I'm not mad at the brothas but GEEEZZZ least let me know before I buy it that Im just supportin and don't have to read
- the trash!!!
[Melisha] come on thump
[Pam] okay
[Melisha] bbboooooooooooooooo
[Melisha] that was utter boo boo
[tabonnefee] lol Mel
[Thumper6488] Hold on, is it the authors that need to change or that we need to change or taste in books.

[mozzack] i'm staring to notice that all these male black authors are catering to black female readers by emasculating their male leads
[tabonnefee] Thumper ... I don't have a taste for that trash
[Melisha] look at thump
[Thumper6488] Melisha: See, this is why I can't take you out no where
[Melisha] last month he was the one who didn't have an open mind
[tabonnefee] lol Thumper
[Melisha] now he has an open mind
[Melisha] get it together thump
[Pam] No, nothing is wrong with relationship books...its the sugar in our tea so to speak...but they can have depth and make u think...this one
- didnt
[Thumper6488] What trash?
[tabonnefee] EJD and Harris
[tabonnefee] and any other folk that write that W-E-A-K stuff
aalbc> Pam -- I'm not convinced any additional time would improve the "quality" of Dickey's work. He is not that kind of author it is like asking
- Chris Rock to do shakespere. Just cuase he was good in I'm gonna get you sucker
[ArleneG] Tab, what other books by EJD have you read?
[Thumper6488] Melisha, Hold on honey, you have been going on and on about a book that you haven't even finished. And you accuse me of not having
- an open mind? That was a joke right.

[Pam] I think books can reflect back what is going on around us but if they want to be good they have to offer some insight.
[tabonnefee] Arlene ...Cheaters and Milk in My Coffee
[tabonnefee] and don't get me started on Milk
[Melisha] good one troy
[tabonnefee] lol THumper
[ArleneG] ok - lol
[mozzack] was milk in my coffe wack, tab/ how?
[tabonnefee] was marketed as a book about interracial dating
[Thumper6488] I liked Milk In My coffee.
[mozzack] it's not?
[tabonnefee] it was a book about a sista passin!!!
[ArleneG] I did too Thump
[Pam] It was certainly better than this one. imho

[Melisha] Thump whatever. The parts I've read are wack and i'm convinced it's only going to get wacker
[tabonnefee] Pam ...I agree but it still was a mess
[Melisha] I've gone past the climax of the story
[mozzack] LOL well there you go. i aint pickin THAT 1 up. (lol)
[Pam] lol
[ArleneG] Tab, my husband is mixed, and I could see alot of what he went through in life in that sista
[tabonnefee] Mel...shouldn't that be "more wack"??
[Thumper6488] Melisha: I love you anyway. You're simply the cherry on the cake of my day.
[tabonnefee] Arlene ...I am too ... and I was offended
[Melisha] ebonics tab
[Melisha] ebonics
[mozzack] so hold up, people: who actually LIKES LIAR'S GAME?
[tabonnefee] Mel... just pickin girl
[ArleneG] me
[Thumper6488] I did too
[Melisha] Thump and your the hemroid. . . .
[tabonnefee] thumbs down here
[ArleneG] Tab, why were you offended?
[Pam] Its right in the middle for me 5 on a scale of 1 -10 just okay, not horrible, certainly readable
[tabonnefee] because sistgurl was passin plain and simple
[Melisha] I agree pam
[Melisha] I can read it but I wouldn't talk about it
[mozzack] if she was passin, how can it be a book about interracial dating?
[Melisha] seriously that is
[Pam] I liked some parts a lot.
[ArleneG] i got the impression she was tired of explaining who she was and was just living life
[tabonnefee] EXACTLY mozzack ... that's what I wanted to know
[Melisha] Now my soul to keep that is another than
[Melisha] thang
[Thumper6488] Arlene: I did too.
[mozzack] what book would you talk about Melisha?
[ArleneG] letting others make their own assumption of who she was
[Thumper6488] Arlene: Exactly right
[Melisha] I just said mozzack
[tabonnefee] Arlene ...she didn't want (I forget the male lead name) the man to know that she had "had Black" before
[Melisha] pay attention mr. new york
aalbc> I'm glad I read it. I've satisfied my curiosity for next few years. It was somewhat interesting, some cute one liners, the sex scence were
- a bit much. I've read many better books this year, but this was the best you-go-girl-book I've read

[Pam] In Cream, they had a strong-well written relationship...guess it wasn't as complex as Vince
[tabonnefee] lol Troy ... very diplomatic
[Pam] and Danas
[mozzack] Tanarive Due? aight you got that off. i feel you
[Thumper6488] Are we ready to call a day
[Melisha] troy you-go-girl? how is this a u go girl novel?
[tabonnefee] Thump ...don't tell carry but I'm almost done with Tuff and I like it
[tabonnefee] lol...Carey ...I can't spell to save my life tonight
[ArleneG] Thumper, I enjoyed this chat! Look forward to next month
[Pam] you go girl book...I don't get how she triumphed or learned anything--can't even be a u go boy book to me
[Thumper6488] Melisha: See if you have gotten to the end, you would know. Honey let's come prepared next time OK. You know just for laughs. LOL
[tabonnefee] lol Thumper
[Melisha] thump I would have
[mozzack] dam i hope y'all like SUGAR better next month. I LOVE that book
[Thumper6488] LOL
[ArleneG] I got the book yesterday - smile
[Melisha] but since I don't buy wack books
[tabonnefee] mozzack ...Sugar is an excellent read
[Melisha] I only borrow them I had to wait for the library
[ArleneG] it looks good
[Thumper6488] Melisha: we know, you get them from the library
[Pam] who wrote Sugar and whats it about or should I just click somewhere and read on it?
[mozzack] no doubt tab. it's deep
[tabonnefee] Melisha ...I read Liar's Game in two days .... it was a no brainer
[Melisha] now imagine me buying that wack book
[tabonnefee] Mozzack ...I agree ...I'm reading it again too
[Melisha] i would be mad and mad broke
[Thumper6488] Melisha; I'm sorry. I've been picking at you all night.
[mozzack] tab u wyld. i'm feelin u
[Melisha] don't front thump
aalbc> Mel OK a "sex-fight-makeup" book you know what I mean commerical fiction written to appeal to a large number of people (read: to sell well).
- This is not mind expansion this well you get my point....
[Melisha] what's wrong with the library

[Thumper6488] LOL but I want to.
[tabonnefee] ^5 mozzack
[Thumper6488] Next month's book is Sugar.
[Melisha] who is that by?
[Thumper6488] And I do believe the author is schedule to appear on this one.
[mozzack] hey i actually read them in the bookstores. if i like them, i buy them. if not....
[tabonnefee] Thumper NEVER apologize to me when you and Carey double team me!!!
[Thumper6488] Bernice McFadden
aalbc> I really hope Sugar is good. I'm starting it tomorrow
[tabonnefee] debut novel
[Melisha] I can't wait till we get to spooke who sat by the door
[mozzack] YES!!! BERNICE is cummin! BERNICE is cummin!
[Pam] What is it about?
[tabonnefee] Troy ... it is very good
[Melisha] mozzack!!!!!!!!!!\
[Thumper6488] tabonnefee: Well, I knew you could take it.
[Melisha] reading too much dickey I see
[mozzack] hey tabs, i gotcha back
[tabonnefee] lol Thump ...and you KNOW this
[ArleneG] well all, it's been fun - homework calls!
[ArleneG] see ya next month!
[tabonnefee] thank you mozzack
[Melisha] who has read or saw spook. . .
[Thumper6488] Night Arlene
>> ArleneG has left channel #XC.1141852
[tabonnefee] have fun Arlene ...I'm gonna grade some homework and I'm mad at the kids
[Pam] Okay, I'll just go to amazon and read their summary...nite all...I enjoyed myself, thank you
[mozzack] when are we gonna get to sister souljah?
[Thumper6488] I have Spook. But its been republished.
[tabonnefee] night Pam
>> Pam has left channel #XC.1141852
[Melisha] u read it thump?
[Thumper6488] mozzack: we might. who knows
[Thumper6488] Sugar?
[Melisha] spook. ..
aalbc> Hey I met Sam Greenlee in the summer check out
[Melisha] it's a alright movie
[tabonnefee] I couldn't get into sista souljah

[Thumper6488] no not yet, that's next months
[Melisha] summer check out?
[tabonnefee] in the summer ..... check out

[tabonnefee] lol
[Melisha] thump u buy books for the whole year or what/
TO Thumper6488> I'm behind -- I'll call you
[tabonnefee] Thump has a trenchcoat that he hides things in and somehow gets past the security
[Thumper6488] Actually, it worked out that way. Some were submitted for consideration. Next year, I'm going for something risky
[Thumper6488] for the first 6 months
[tabonnefee] Thumper ...what do you consider "risky"?
[Melisha] yeah I'm trying to figure that too
[Thumper6488] You'll see.

[Melisha] liar's game part 2
[Thumper6488] I'll submit my list to troy in a couple of months
[Thumper6488] No liar's game
[tabonnefee] lol Thumper ...if you EVER give me some information I'll probably fall out!!!
[tabonnefee] lol Mel
[Thumper6488] LOL
[Melisha] where is carey anyway?
[Thumper6488] See, how I'm always looking out for you?
aalbc> Good night Read yall next month!
[mozzack] well, it's been fun fun, but now i'm done dun. (lol)
[tabonnefee] Carey is probably asleep ... you know how old folk are
[Melisha] peace troy
[Thumper6488] Good night.
[tabonnefee] night Troy
[Thumper6488] I'm gone
>> Thumper6488 has left channel #XC.1141852