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The Coffee Will Make You Black Reading List

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In order to accommodate more author chats, the CWMYB reading group created "AALBC Live!"

As of January 2007, The Coffee Will Make You Black, on-line book club is inactive.  We hope to reactivate the club sometime in 2010.  Below is the current (2010) reading list.  You'll also find all of our reading lists from previous years.

Review The Coffee Will Make You Black Book Club’s Reading List (1998–2006, and 2010)

Review Our Entire Reading List Going Back to 1998
(Most of the titles below are great reads — they are ALL worth checking out!)




Author in Chat

Transcript or Date of Chat

2006 Reading List
Dec 2006 The Heart of Happy Hollow: A Collection of Stories Paul Laurence Dunbar  
Nov 2006 The Red Moon Kuwana Haulsey    
Oct 2006 Lemon City by Elaine Meryl Brown Elaine Meryl Brown
Sep 2006 My Face is Black is True: Callie House and the Struggle for Ex-Slave Reparations Mary Frances Berry    
Aug 2006 Beyond Glory: Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling and a World on the Brink David Margolick    
Jul 2006 There is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden Leon Forrest    
Jun 2006 Let The Lion Eat Straw Ellease Southerland    
May 2006 Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Sun J. California Cooper    
Apr 2006 Bang! Sharon Flake    
Mar 2006 A Killing in This Town Olympia Vernon    
Feb 2006 The Fire Next Time James Baldwin    
Jan 2006 White Rat Gayl Jones    
2005 Reading List
Dec 2005 At The Hands of Persons Unknown Philip Dray   Chat Not Held
Nov 2005 Buffalo Gordon on the Plains J. P. Sinclair Lewis   Chat Not Held
Oct 2005 No Book Selected This Month      
Sep 2005 Those Bones Are Not My Child Toni Cade Bambara   Chat Not Held
Aug 2005 My Life of Absurdity: The Later Years, The Autobiography of Chester Himes Chester Himes   Chat Not Held
July 2005 The Salt Roads Nalo Hopkinson   Chat Not Held
June 2005 No Book Selected This Month     Chat Not Held
May 2005 The Time of Our Singing Richard Powers   Chat Not Held
Apr 2005 Dark Matter: Reading of the Bones edited by Sheree R. Thomas   Chat Not Held
Mar 2005 Platitudes & “The New Black Aesthetic” Trey Ellis   Chat Not Held
Feb 2005
Some People, Some Other Place
J. California Cooper   Chat Not Held
Jan 2005 Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson Geoffrey C. Ward   Chat Not Held
2004 Reading List
Dec 2004 The Life of Langston Hughes, Volume 2: 1941-1967: I Dream a World Arnold Rampersad   Sunday, January 9th
Nov 2004  The Life of Langston Hughes, Volume 1: 1902-1941: I, Too, Sing America, Vol. 1 Arnold Rampersad   Sunday, Dec 12th 2004
Oct 2004 Sweets: A Collection of Soul Food Desserts and Memories Patty Pinner   Sunday, Nov 14th 2004
Sept 2004 Segu Maryse Conde   Sunday, Oct 10th 2004
Aug 2004 The Heart of Redness Zakes Mda   Sunday, Sept 12th 2004
Jul 2004 The Lakestown Rebellion Kristin Lattany   Sunday, Aug 15th 2004
Jun 2004 Echo Tree: The Collected Short Fiction of Henry Dumas Eugene B. Redmond   Sunday, Jul 11th 2004
May 2004 Cotillion: or, One Good Bull Is Half the Herd John Oliver Killens   Sunday, June 13th 2004
Apr2004 Last King: A Maceo Redfield Novel Nichelle Tramble   Sunday, May 9th 2004
Mar 2004 Rendezvous Eighteenth Jake Lamar   Sunday, April 11th 2004
Feb 2004 The Darkest Child Delores Phillips


Sunday, March 14th 2004
Jan 2004  The First Thing Smoking Nelson Eubanks   Sunday, Feb 22nd 2004
2003 Reading List
Dec 2003 West of Rehoboth Alexs D. Pate   Sunday, Dec 14th, 2003
Nov 2003 Arrow of God Chinua Achebe   Sunday, Nov 9th, 2003
Oct 2003 Shadow and Act Ralph Ellison   Sunday, Oct 12th, 2003
Sep 2003 The Marrow of Tradition Charles W. Chesnutt   Sunday, Sep 14th, 2003
Aug 2003 Such Was The Season Clarence Major   Sunday, Aug 10th, 2003
Jul 2003 My Love, My Love, or The Peasant Girl Rosa Guy   Sunday, Jul 13th, 2003
Jun 2003 Mules and Men Zora Neale Hurston   Sunday, June 8th 2003
May 2003 Grace Elizabeth Nunez   Sunday, May 11th, 2003
Apr 2003 Douglass' Women Jewell Parker Rhodes   Sunday, Apr 13th, 2003
Mar 2003 The Ecstatic Victor D. LaVelle


Sunday, Mar 9th, 2003
Feb 2003 What Next: A Memoir Toward World Peace Walter Mosley


Sunday, Feb 23rd, 2003
Jan 2003 The Wake of the Wind J. California Cooper


Sunday, Jan 12th, 2003
2002 Reading List
(July 2002 through December 2002 Book Club Temporarily Suspended)
Jun 2002 The Glory Field Walter Dean Myers   Chat not held
May 2002 Richard Wright: The Life And Times Hazel Rowley   Chat not held
Apr 2002 Dark Matter: The Anthology of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction by Black Writers   Sheree Thomas Chat not held
Mar 2002  The God Who Begat A Jackal Nega Mezlekia   Chat not held
Feb 2002 The Return of Simple Langston Hughes   Chat not held
Jan 2002 The Renegade Johnny Buffalo Dan Smith


Chat not held
2001 Reading List
Dec 2001 Where I'm Bound Allen B. Ballard


Chat not held
Nov 2001

Raising Fences

Michael Datcher  

Chat Transcript

Oct 2001

Pipe Dream

Solomon Jones


Chat Transcript

Sep 2001
Delores Thornton


Chat Transcript
Aug 2001
Mat Johnson


Chat Transcript
Jul 2001
Margaret Walker   August 1st, 2001
Jun 2001 The Spyglass Tree Albert Murray   September 5th, 2001
May 2001 Train Whistle Guitar Albert Murray   Chat Transcript
Apr 2001
Anyplace but Here
Arna Wendell Bontemps   Chat Transcript
Mar 2001
(BAM Series)
William Melvin Kelley   Chat Transcript
Feb 2001
Captain Blackman
(Get an autographed copy)
John Alfred Williams


Chat Transcript
Jan 2001
John Oliver Killens  

Chat Transcript

2000 Reading List

Dec 2000

Blues Dancing 
(Winner of AALBC Reader's Poll)

Diane Mckinney-Whetstone

Chat Transcript

Nov 2000

The Messenger: The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad

Karl Evanzz

Chat Transcript

Oct 2000

The Spook Who Sat by the Door

Sam Greenlee

11/1/2000 9:00 PM EST

Sep 2000


Bernice McFadden


Chat Transcript

Aug 2000

Liars Game

Eric Jerome Dickey

Chat Transcript

Jul 2000

Uncle Tom's Children

Richard Wright

Chat Transcript

Jun 2000

Manchild in the Promised Land

Claude Brown


Chat Transcript

May 2000

Pictures of a Dying Man

Agymah Kamau


Chat Transcript

Apr 2000

The Essential Etheridge Knight

Etheridge Knight

Chat Transcripthat Transcript

Mar 2000

Two Cities

John Edgar Wideman

Chat Transcript

Feb 2000

A Long Way Home

Connie Briscoe

Chat Transcript

Jan 2000

Tar Baby

Toni Morrison

1999 Reading List

Dec 1999

Seraph on the Suwanee

Zora Neale Hurston

Chat Transcript

Nov 1999

Another Good Loving Blues

Arthur Flowers


Chat Transcript

Oct 1999

Standing at the Scratch Line

Guy Johnson


Sep 1999

Ring Around the Moon

Mary Burnett Smith

Aug 1999


John Gibson

Chat Transcript

Jul 1999

Something's Wrong with Your Scale

Van Whitfield


Chat Transcript

Jun 1999


Gregory K Morris

May 1999

Not Without Laughter

Langston Hughes

Apr 1999


Charles Johnson

Mar 1999

Just Above My Head

James Baldwin

Feb 1999

What A Woman's Gotta Do

Evelyn Coleman


Jan 1999


Ernest J Gaines

1998 Reading List

Dec 1998

Eva's Man

Gayl Jones

Nov 1998

Invisible Man

Ralph Ellison

Oct 1998

Silent Conspiracy: A Lincoln Keller Mystery

Lee E. Meadows

Sep 1998

The Man Who Cried I Am

John A. Williams

Aug 1998

Soul Kiss

Shay Youngblood

Jul 1998

Cane - Read introduction by Arna Bontemps

Jean Toomer

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